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CIV Offshore & Shipping supplies a wide arrangement of products and services for safety. Fall protection, lifesaving products, nets, tag lines, Miscellaneous nets. You name it, we can deliver it. 

Fall protection

CIV Offshore & Shipping supplies an extensive assortment of high-quality fall protection materials. Our HMC fall protection products are being developed with a focus on the user’s safety and comfort.

Our assortment exists a.o. of:

  • harnesses
  • fall arrest blocks
  • lanyards and clamps
  • connectors and hooks
  • accessories


Lifesaving products

CIV Offshore & Shipping can provide you with wide variety of safety products. An extended assortment of personal safety products and general safety products is available at CIV Offshore & Shipping. A number of personal safety products, varying from gloves to fall protection, can be offered. Furthermore a range of general safety materials, applicable on-board or on-shore, makes part of our assortment. Safety, dependability and sustainability are our aim at the selection of safety products. Please consult us on the possibilities.

To ensure safe use of tools at height, onboard ships or at platforms CIV Offshore & Shipping supplies among others tool lanyards.

  • increases safety
  • prevents injuries due to dropping
  • prevents damage on environment and equipment
  • prevents loss of tools

Nets, tag lines

CIV Offshore & shipping manufactures in-hous a broad assortment nets and tag-lines. Two of the major products, in particular for the offshore wind branch and shipping, are carousel nets and gangway nets.

These safety nets for offshore cable baskets are available as standard models, but can be delivered custom-made as well. We can offer these systems for salerental and lease.

It may be evident that we furthermore can provide services for on-site mobilization/assembly, maintenance and inspection, and demobilization/disassembly; in-package or separate.

Miscellaneous nets

We design and manufacture a variety of nets in our own netting workshops. Based on a broad knowledge of design and applications we can offer a diversity of nets; standard or customer specific designs. An extensive stock guarantees short delivery time span, even for custom made nets.

Evidently we can also offer inspection and certification services for safety nets.


  • carousel/basket nets
  • gangway nets
  • cargo lifting nets
  • helicopter nets
  • safety nets
  • boundary nets
  • escape nets
  • pollution recovery nets
  • birds nets
  • etc.

Tag lines

In our workshop we manufacture tag lines in any length and diameter.

Our tag line scan be assembled from any required material. The most common used tag lines exist of a core rope with a wrapped PE grip rope. Any required fitting can be supplied, such as carabiner or scaffold hooks.

Our tag lines also can be fitted with glow-in-the-dark rope.

The CIV O&S tag lines offer multiple advantages:

  • durability
  • excellent grip
  • available in any required length
  • Short delivery time by in-house production

SkyScape escape module

The CIV SkyScape escape module is a specifically designed tubular net, equipped with slide segments.

The application of this lifesaving system lets you evacuate your personnel in a fast and safe way in case

of an emergency.

Highly advanced materials and our extended knowledge offered us the possibility to develop a compact

and lightweight escape construction. Dimensions may depend on the requirements of the customer,

based on the evacuation height and the available storage space. Furthermore the system can be

equipped with a suspension and storage construction.


  • fast evacuation
  • easy and safe application
  • compact storage
  • lightweight
  • limited windage
  • advanced materials
  • evacuation height up to 100 meter
  • decelerated descent


  • offshore
  • wind mills
  • shipping
  • staircases




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