CIVOS offers

Grapnel equipment

For use in PLGR, Cable Lay, Cable Recovery, Cable Repair applications. Our grapnel equipment is for rent or purchase. 

What we do

In the field of PLGR equipment (Pre-Lay Grapnel Run) CIV Offshore & Shipping represents Dynamic Load Monitoring (DLM) in The Netherlands.

An extensive assortment of high quality grapnel equipment is available; for use in PLGR, Cable Lay, Cable Recovery and Cable Repair applications.

With this scope we can provide a direct route into (a.o.) the growing Dutch renewables market for DLM products and services.

Providing local representation and support for DLM’s market leading and specialist industry focused product ranges, both for rental and purchase.

DLM has an unrivalled portfolio of products available for use in PLGR, Cable Lay, Cable Recovery and Cable Repair as well as offshore load monitoring solutions for the marine based renewables industry.

Operating from all major port locations along the Dutch coastline, we are able to respond to client’s requirements promptly and provide short lead times.

The Netherlands, in particular Eemshaven, is a growing hub for offshore wind energy due to its central North Sea location and excellent port and supply chain facilities. In October 2020, the Offshore Wind Innovation Centre (OWIC) launched in Eemshaven. CIV Offshore & Shipping has direct access to the Offshore Wind Innovation Centre, (OWIC) being a project partner.


C.i.v. Offshore & Shipping - Den Oever

C.i.v. Offshore & Shipping - Eemshaven

An impression

In the gallery you see an impression of the Grapnel equipment you can rent or buy.

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