4 mei 2016

RecomFarm – contribution to sustainable development of fishery


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RecomFarm is an initiative created from the purpose of our organisation and aiming on a sustainable future.

Located on a, from ecologic and logistic point of view, optimal site in the North Sea or Waddenzee the first RecomFarm will be installed. A human-created environment with ideal circumstances for shellfish, fish- and algae species to develop, grow and reproduce. A plant from which these products subsequently can be harvested responsibly to be further processed at local fish auctions.

The created culture environment will be set up in former offshore-constructions. Offshore jackets are dismantled, refurbished and installed in the North Sea or Waddenzee. In, at and around RecomFarm sustainable energy will generated by taking advantage of wind and/or tides.

A wonderful perspective for mankind, wildlife and environment.

ConceptProposition RecomFarm
Project RecomFarm is created from the purpose of our company: “Creating sustainable solutions to continue and ensure the fishing industry, C.I.V., it’s members and its environment in near and later future.”

Research, development, realisation
Project RecomFarm was initiated late 2015 and will be further developed for future implementation. The concept originated from current developments in the fishery industry. The branch is threatened in its existence and it is necessary to create solutions to ensure the continuity of the industry and peripheral branches like fish auctions and the C.I.V.

The project is based on recycling existing offshore constructions into sustainable culture environments in the North Sea or Waddenzee.

Re-use of offshore constructions
In the next coming years numerous offshore constructions in the North Sea have to be decommissioned. Project RecomFarm aims for transport of jackets towards Den Helder, recycle and refurbish the structures on dedicated sites into seafarming installations. After refurbishment the jackets can be replaced in the North Sea or Waddenzee, at a ecologic and logistic advantageous location.

RecomFarm offers opportunities for a more sustainable fishery and as well extension of the assortment for fish auctions. Furthermore it offers possibilities for re-use of offshore constructions in the North Sea which have to be decommissioned. A profitable win-win situation!

The ambition is to create opportunities for an improved environment and business in the region Noord-Holland Noord, but it is obvious that the concept can be developed from the entire Dutch coast line. RecomFarm is innovative and future-looking. It’s an initiative perfectly fitting into current environmental and sustainability developments!

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The presentation 

ConceptC.I.V. Den Oever u.a. / CIV Offshore & Shipping

CIV Den Oever U.A. has a successful nad long lasting history as non-profit cooperative purchase association in the fishery industry. Our company includes specialized departments for service and supplies towards sea-fishery and in-shore fishery. We also operate a maritime shop with an assortment of over 6.000 products.

C.I.V. Den Oever focuses on delivery of materials towards the fishery branche. CIV Offshore & Shipping delivers its services towards offshore and offshore related shipping.

Looking at the future our organisation creates, in addition to its core business, sustainable concepts which contribute to development and continuity of C.I.V. Den Oever, its members and its environment.


CIV Offshore & Shipping is a highly specialized department within CIV Den Oever U.A. focusing on service and supply towards offshore and shipping.

CIV Offshore & Shipping aims for the specific requirements of offshore and shipping branches. The synergy of knowledge, services and products available within our company brings CIV Offshore & Shipping the opportunity to offer the customer a specialized and extensive service package.

Profitable purchase conditions within our group provide excellent priced, first class products.

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