9 augustus 2016



CIV Offshore & Shippingis a specialist in the field of lashing and securing materials.

Outstanding knowledge of lashing applications and materials make CIV Offshore & Shipping a top level consultant and supplier for your cargo-securing.

We can offer a complete package of textile lashing materials as well as all kind of metal components and assemblies. Furthermore we can offer our services for sea-fastening of cargo and equipment on-site, in any harbour; from supply to welding works.

A short delivery time on lashing systems, specified at your particular application, is our identifiable strength. Please consult us on the possibilities.

CIV Offshore & Shipping can be your partner in:

  • consultancy
  • textile lashing
  • chain lashing
  • shackles
  • rigging and lashing equipment
  • welding works
  • loading and sea-fastening of equipment
  • unfastening and unloading of equipment
  • etcetera