Spooling and tensioning

[column col=”1/4″] [/column][column col=”3/4″]Spooling and tension equipment CIV Offshore & Shipping provides both supply and rental of spooling / tension equipment. Based on a 20ft-connection transport can be done with any trailer. The skids are provided with fork sockets and lifting pads for easy handling. If required an operator can be hired as well. Remote control is available as well as control by the build-in control panel. Lees meer overSpooling and tensioning[…]

Crane hooks

[column col=”1/4″] [/column][column col=”3/4″]Exclusive representative crane hooks We acquired the exclusive representation of THG Hooks recently for The Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and Denmark. For offshore and harbour cranes we supply crane hooks, sheaves and crane wheels. A number of forged standard products are available from stock, which allows short delivery terms. On project base also custom made products are being manufactured. See our THG-page for further information. [/column][divider scroll_text=””][social Lees meer overCrane hooks[…]

RUD chain components

[column col=”1/4″] [/column][column col=”3/4″]Introduction RUD chaion components Recentely we added the RUD-components assortment to our scope. The high qualified components contain a Grade 120 ICE series, a Grade 100 VIP series, a Grade 80 series and a Stainless Steel series. Further information can be found at our RUD-page. [/column][divider scroll_text=””][social type=”linkedin” opacity=”dark”]https://www.linkedin.com/company/civ-offshore-&-shipping[/social]follow us on LinkedIn[divider scroll_text=””]

Towing pennant, 30 m, 52 mm, MBL 192 ton

[column col=”1/4″] [/column][column col=”3/4″]Towing pennenat for new customer Yesterday a towing pennant was delivered to again a new customer. A steel wire rope towing pennant of 30 meter, 52 mm diameter, MBL 192 ton, one end fitted with socket and the other end with superloop eye. We trust we have established a new durable relationship Lees meer overTowing pennant, 30 m, 52 mm, MBL 192 ton[…]

CIV Offshore & Shipping LinkedIn groep

[column col=”1/4″][/column][column col=”3/4″]CIV Offshore & Shipping opens LinkedIn group. We have opened a new LinkedIn group, in which members can share requirements or availability of materials. The aim of the group is to increase employ-ability of materials. This is one of our contributions to a lean enterprise concept. Additional information about this group can be found on: LinkedIn[/column][divider scroll_text=””][social type=”linkedin” opacity=”dark”]https://www.linkedin.com/company/civ-offshore-&-shipping[/social]follow us on Lees meer overCIV Offshore & Shipping LinkedIn groep[…]

Service overnight

[column col=”1/4″][/column][column col=”3/4″]Order in the evening, hoist in the morning. Our customers find their way to CIV Offshore & Shipping in the evening as well. One of our clients urgently needed lifting slings recently. The required capacity and length are not on stock, but nevertheless we were able to realize that the hoisting job could be executed early in the morning. Lees meer overService overnight[…]

Offshore & Energy 2014

[column col=”1/4″][/column] [column col=”3/4″]We will present our company at the Offshore & Energy 2014 exhibition CIV Offshore & Shipping joins the Den Helder Pavilion during the exhibition. We will be glad to receive you and inform you about all our activities. You can find us at booth 11.054 at the Den Helder Pavilion. [/column][divider scroll_text=””][social type=”linkedin” Lees meer overOffshore & Energy 2014[…]

Client data pages

[column col=”1/4″] [/column][column col=”3/4″]Secured personal client datapages From now we offer our customers the opportunity to use their own secured data page. This page is being used to store a.o. certificates. Authorized users are able to download their own certificates from their dedicated page. It can be useful to recall them in case the originals are lost or damaged.[/column][divider scroll_text=””][social type=”linkedin” Lees meer overClient data pages[…]

Followers on LinkedIn

[column col=”1/4″][/column][column col=”3/4″]Growing numbers of followers on LinkedIn Recently the hundreth follower of CIV Offshore & Shipping signed in at LinkedIn. We are proud to see this steady growing interest in our company. You can also follow us at LinkedIn, click underneath link.[/column][divider scroll_text=””][social type=”linkedin” opacity=”dark”]https://www.linkedin.com/company/civ-offshore-&-shipping[/social]also follow us on LinkedIn[divider scroll_text=””]

Membership NNOW

[column col=”1/4″][/column] [column col=”3/4″] Our NNOW membership was recently confirmed and published at the NNOW website. The NOM, Energy Valley and Syntens have taken the initiative to set up Northern Netherlands Offshore Wind, or NNOW for short. NNOW supports a cluster of companies, establishing a strong national and international position in the world of offshore Lees meer overMembership NNOW[…]