9 augustus 2016

anchoring, mooring & towing

nseg-civosCIV Offshore & Shipping supplies all required equipment for anchoring, mooring, towing and equipment protection.

Our extensive knowledge of materials, applications, possibilities and limitations qualifies CIV Offshore & Shipping also in this fields to what we are: a consultant and supplier you can count on.

It may be evident that we can carry out the supply of all conventional mooring equipment. Our specialization in high strength fibre materials however ensures short term deliveries of ultra light, super-strong and cost-effective products.

Safety, security and sustainability are significant issues in purchase and application of mooring and towing equipment. We will gladly advise you in this respect.

CIV Offshore & Shipping can be your partner for:

  • consultancy
  • mooring ropes
  • towing ropes
  • towing stretchers
  • chains
  • anchor chains
  • protection equipment
  • fenders
  • couplings
  • shackles


anchoring, mooring and towing