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We can help you with the best slings, shackles for heavy lifting.

What we do

Heavy Lift round slings (HMPE)
For Heavy Lift applications, round slings can be manufactured from HMPE yarns and webbing covers. The colour of
the cover is white and not related to a capacity.
Our HMPE Heavy Lift round slings are extremely strong, durable and light. Therefore they are easy to handle.
Our HMPE round slings are manufactured according to the NEN-EN 1492-2 normative and the Machinery Directive
2006/42/EG. In addition, we supply these slings according to these specifications:

  • safety factor 7 (or customer-specific)
  • cover can be provided with colour, ID- and capacity coding
  • unique serial number for traceability
  • delivery including certificate
  • delivery including ‘wear pads to protect friction parts
  • capacity up to 4000-ton MBL
  • available in any required length
  • provided with a hidden label (rupture protected)

Webbing slings
Flat webbing slings are assembled and confectioned from polyester webbing. Different webbing width
and colour codes are established for different capacities. The colour codes make the webbing
recognisable related to the weight of the load to lift.
We supply flat webbing slings according to the EN 1492-1 normative and according these specifications:


  • safety factor 7
  • webbing with colour code & tonnage stripes
  • label with a unique traceability number
  • supplied including certificate
  • capacity up to 32 ton available
  • available in every length
  • eyes with extra protection, easy to use
  • various types of lifting eyes possible
  • various protection for sharp corners available

CIV Offshore & Shipping supplies an extensive assortment
of shackles.
We can supply several brands:

  • Green Pin®
  • Crosby
  • ROV-shackles

ROV Retrieve and Release shackles
De Gunnebo ROV Retrieve shackle was designed for fast and easy handling during submersible lifting activities.
This type of shackles contains no lose parts, either opened or closed.
The handle offers excellent visibility and exists of forged parts with double safety function – shark-tooth lock with
open-closed indicator and sprung handle. Handle dimensions are equal at all types. The Gunnebo ROV Retrieve
shackle no. 861 is to use and time and costs saving.


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