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We offer a wide range of products and services for offshore and shipping companies. Our goal is to help you as quickly as possible with your special request.

Welcome to C.I.V. Offshore & Shipping

We are the specialist for companies in the offshore, energy and maritime branches. With over 50 years of experience, we can help you with your request. Working with us gives you some advantages which are:

  • We are central located at the Dutch coastline with our companies next to a harbour quay
  • We are a non-profit purchasing cooperation offering advantageous conditions like the best price/quality ratio
  • We have an extensive stock and have a short delivery time span, even for confectioned products, like HMPE ropes and round slings, wire ropes, chain / hoisting assemblies.
  • We are specialized in HMPE ropes and round slings
  • Splicing of ropes and wire ropes in our own factory
  • All rope, chain, wire rope and textile assemblies possible;
  • Delivery of products including certificates
C.i.v. Offshore & Shipping - Den Oever
C.i.v. Offshore & Shipping - Eemshaven

Tailor-made products

C.I.V. offshore & shipping makes various tailor-made products like custom chains, fibre robes, nets & lines and steel wire ropes. Also, we can help you with lifting or grapnel equipment, load monitoring systems and safety. Do you have a special request? Don’t hesitate and contact us so we can help you as soon as possible.  


CIV Offshore & Shipping can help you with a variety of chains and shackles for hoisting and other applications. We can advice you in every situation.

Fibre ropes

Our HMPE is stronger than steel wire of the same weight and has proven to be a cost-saving and ergonomic replacement for wire rope in several applications.

Grapnel Equipment

For use in PLGR, Cable Lay, Cable Recovery, Cable Repair applications. Our grapnel equipment is for rent or purchase.  Ask us or the possibilities.

Hatch tape

The hatch tape has been designed and developed in conjunction with industry experts for sealing the loading hatches of holds. We can advice you in every situation.


C.I.V. Offshore & Shipping have different webbing widths available for different capacities. For dedicated applications a wide variety of fittings is available.

Lifting Equipment

We can help you with the best slings, shackles for heavy lifting. We offer a wide range of products so have a look and ask us about our solutions. 

Load Monitoring Systems

We have an extensive assortment of high quality, high accuracy load measurement systems available. Both for purchase and rental. Ask us or the possibilities.

Nets & Lines

We design and manufacture a variety of custom nets and lines in our own workshops. there is no request that our specialists cannot handle.


We supply a wide arrangement of products and services for safety. Fall protection, lifesaving products, nets, tag lines, Miscellaneous nets. You name it, we can deliver it. 

Steel wire ropes

We can offer a variety of high quality steel wire ropes. An extensive stock is available and you may rely on short term delivery.

We are here for you

The CIV Den Oever is happy to help you with all your specific requests regarding customized nets, chains, ropes, lifting equipment, load monitor systems and more.

If you cannot find the solution you are looking for, don’t hesitate to contact us. Because we are there for you.

Our specialists will help you with your request as quickly as possible and give you appropriate advice on your request. Use the contact form on the right, or call us directly on +31 227 749010.

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